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Recicling-electronic equipment

Dear NTP community companies,
NTP together with UAB “Žalvaris”, one of the largest waste management companies in Lithuania, concluded contracts regarding collection and removal of electric and electronic equipment waste and building of containers for batteries and accumulators and collection of batteries.
We kindly invite all NTP community companies to sort batteries into designated containers that are located in both NTP buildings near post boxes.
If there is a need, we invite all companies to contact NTP administration regarding collection of electric and electronic equipment. UAB “Žalvaris” is obliged to collect and remove electronic equipment (large and small household appliances, IT and telecommunication equipment, usage equipment, electric and electronic tools, etc.) free of charge.
Electronic equipment
1. Large household appliances
1.2. Refrigerators
1.3. Washing machines
1.4. Electric stoves
1.5. Microwave ovens
1.6. Electric heating appliances
1.7. Other large household appliances
2. Small household appliances
2.1. Vacuum cleaners
2.2. Sewing, knitting, weaving and other tools for processing textile products
2.3. Toasters
2.4. Frying pans
2.5. Blenders, coffee mills, opening or sealing equipment for containers or packagings
2.6. Scales
2.7. Other small household appliances
3. IT and telecommunication equipment
3.1. Personal computers (together with CPU, mouse and keyboard)
3.2. Personal computers (monitors)
3.3. Printers
3.4. Copying machines
3.5. Pocket and desktop calculators
3.6. Phones
3.7. Other IT and telecommunication equipment
4. Usage equipment
4.1. Radio devices
4.2. TVs
4.3. Video players
4.4. Audio players
4.5. Audio amplifiers
4.6. Other usage equipment
5. Lighting equipment
5.1. Bulbs from fluorescent lamps (excepting bulbs used in household)
5.2. Other lighting equipment or equipment intended for spreading or regulating light (excepting tungsten bulbs)
6. Electric and electronic tools (excepting large stationary industrial tools)
6.1. Turning, grinding, polishing, crushing, sawing, chopping, cutting, drilling, hole making, perforating, folding, bending or similar wood, metal or other material processing equipment.
6.2. Riveting, cramming, tightening or rivet, nail, screw extracting or similar purpose devices.
6.3. Lawn mowing and other garden tools
6.4. Other electric and electronic tools
7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment
7.1.Hand-held video game consoles
7.2. Video games
8. Medical devices (excepting implanted or infected products)
8.1. Cardiology machines
8.2. Other medical devices
9. Monitoring and control devices
9.1. Thermostats
9.2. Measuring, weighing or calibrating devices used as household or laboratory equipment
9.3. Other monitoring and control devices
10. Automatic wending machines
10.1. Automatic solid product wending machines
10.2. Other automatic wending machines
We expect your activity and thank for responsible and environmentally friendly activity!
Regarding removal of unused electric and electronic equipment please contact:
Raimundas Jacunskas, project manager
J. Galvydžio str. 5, LT-08236 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 274 5404  Fax: +370 5 274 5422