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Northtown Technology Park

In 2002 the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius city municipality (UAB "Šiaurės miestelis") established a public institution Northtown Technology Park (NTP) – a high technology business centre in the Campus of Northtown. The aim of NTP is to gather companies that are receptive for knowledge, science and innovations.
NTP stimulates innovative sally of companies by allowing to consult on law, finance, management, sales, marketing and other issues useful to small and medium size business. NTP rents offices to technological companies in two historical buildings in Northtown (circa 3000 m2) and provides “Virtual office” services. “Northtown” business clubs, meetings and seminars are constantly organized for the business community.
NTP implements various business support, environmental protection, park expansion and service quality improvement projects. Since 2005 NTP began initiatives to stimulate entrepreneurship in new forms. It began with a project “National business plan competition” (year 2005-2008) that allowed beginner businessmen, start-up companies and those willing to expand find new ideas, create perspective partnership connections.
NTP television projects that stimulated entrepreneurship were the most famous, including “Lietuva gali” (“Lithuania can”) in 2009-2010, during which businessmen with successful business experience and specialists helped companies struggling to survive with their knowledge and advices. There was also a project “Vertas milijono” (“Worth a million”) in 2007-2008, implemented together with SEB bank. The project was intended for those who already have business plans but do not know where to begin in establishing a company and do not have skills and funds required for business.
An extension of successful NTP projects is a currently ongoing projects: “Competition of innovative business ideas” (2009-2011) and "NTP service system to support innovations and technolgies" (2009-2011), project "RELESE" (www.relese.eu), project 'SMEDGE" (www.smedge.org), project "Innolaboratory", project "Technology and science for innovative business" etc.
Stakeholders of NTP:
  • The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Vilnius city municipality (UAB “Šiaurės miestelis”). 
NTP board (delegated representatives):
  • The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Vilnius city municipality (UAB “Šiaurės miestelis”);
  • Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialist;
  • Vilnius university;
  • Vilnius Gediminas technical university;
  • AB SEB bank;
  • Invest in Lithuania;
  • Enterprise Lithuania;
  • Association “Knowledge economy forum”;
  • The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies.
NTP activity report (LT):
We invite to cooperate and become members of Northtown Technology Park!
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